Translation Internship in Portugal

Last year I had to do an Internship as part of my degree in translation. I tried to get in contact with several companies in England but I received no response. Considering that it was mandatory for the conclusion of my degree I chose to do it for my University – the Internship consisted of translating a Education Manual for Teachers that have to deal with some sort of problems in a classroom environment and how they should react, I had a semester to do it.

It was not a normal Internship per se, my job was to translate the manual from English to Portuguese but I didn’t have a fixed schedule to work on it, I had to do it alone because my colleagues were translating other things. So I had to make my own schedule to accommodate the fact that I was both working and studying at the same time, without forgetting the fact that I had to present progress reports every 15 days,

Not having a fixed schedule worked relatively well, but when the work started to increase I had not only to schedule my day but I had to set up priorities on the go. I think the fact that helped me the most was that I was working and studying at the same time in the 2 first years in the university so I was used to divide my time in advance, that enabled me to do a good job both at school and in my work.

The manual had 83 pages and even though it was about Educational Practices it expanded in so many interesting subjects that made it even more easier and fun to translate.

I found it very interesting for a number of reasons: it was related to a subject I like (Educational Practices, Social Education) and because it expanded my knowledge about that specific subject since I had to search for keywords and exact terms in Portuguese.

Other thing I enjoyed during this Internship was the fact I was involved in all the stages of production, I was translating, revising, and editing the text. In a way it’s good because you have total control over the content you are producing on the other way was bad because it’s hard to get some distance over the things you are producing in order to make a meaningful and conscious critique of your own work.

All in all it was a great experience.

Tiago, Portugal

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