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Web Marketing Internship in Venice

Hello everybody! My name is Orsola, I am 23 years old and I come from Venice, the beautiful city in the north east of Italy. Venice is a tourist city with 270,884 residents and it welcomes  every year about 20 million tourists from every corner of the world, that it means an average of more than 50,000 tourists a day. In the Ca’ Foscari University Venice I study Marketing and Communication, in the Management department.
Two years ago I took my degree in Marketing and Business Management at the same University. In order to take my degree I had to do an internship in the marketing area of a company.

This was not only the opportunity of doing my first internship, but it was also the opportunity of doing my first serious job in a company. I was excited to discover the business environment and the company rules and routines that I have studied for years.

During my studies I had several exams about promoting every kind of product, from electrical cars to WWF natural oasis. For my first internship I decided to try to promote my city, from the tourist point of view. I thought that was a good idea staying in my area and promoting what I know best.

I applied for one company in the touristic business. I searched the company inside the database of my University and I choose to do my internship during the summer holidays, to optimize my time.

The company who hired me offers web marketing services to hotels in Italy but especially for those located in the Venetian territory. The company has a strong philosophy about ethical and responsible travels and it ask to all the staff to deepen in company’s values, to the point that at the first job interview they ask me my opinion about this topic.
The company has different department: accounts, sales, IT, marketing-editing and administration. In my department there were other two interns and in general all the employee were young, so that the athmosphere was youthful and dynamic. Even after work many of us continued to spend time together, drinking our traditional aperitif, the Spritz, or organizing football matches.
What about my tasks? Well, during my 3-months internship I had the possibility to understand how the specific company’s software (intranet, database network..) works so I improved the hotel’s webpages and the hotel’s ranking. I advertised many events and manifestations not only in  Italy but also in Europe editing in French and in English. I also had a direct contact with the hoteliers calling them for “welcoming calls”.

In conclusion, this first experience satisfied me and the main reason is because I succeed to get a business view. How many of us find difficult to switch from the academic to the business circle?
Great experience to start and leave the nest!