Studying in France – Deutch student’s experience


I’m Anke and I want to tell you something about my studies abroad.

I’m a Belgian girl and I study languages.  My mother tongue is Dutch, so to improve my French, I decided to go to France for a few months. My school in Belgium has an agreement with Tézénas du Montcel, a school in Saint-Etienne, kind of South East of France, so that’s where I went.
Honestly, I wanted to go to Paris first, but since that was impossible, I went to St-Etienne and I don’t regret my experience there at all!

St-Etienne is a considerably small city, near Lyon. A lot of the buildings (e.g. the city hall, the prefecture) are renovated, so the city looks quite nice. Of course, there are a few clubs and a lot of very cosy pubs too. I met both Erasmus people and French students, which was interesting, since I didn’t just experience the French life: I got to eat  Spanish paella,  Canadian stirr-fry, Scottish haggis, Italian pasta, Irish breakfast, Finnish soup, etc. So I didn’t only study languages!

I would definitely advise everyone who’s thinking of gaining experience abroad to do so, because I had the time of my life and I didn’t just improve my French, I gained an important life experience and I would immediately do it again!!!

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