Study Experience in the US

Hey everybody,

My name is Thomas, I study in France but I needed  to open my wings and see something different to try new experiences abroad and indeed I found something different!!

I went to study in US, in Edmond, Oklahoma to be precise. The first question local asked me was: “Why Oklahoma?? In the middle of the US!! There are better experiences in other states!”  Maybe they are right maybe not, I loved that whole year with absolutely no regrets on the choice of the location in that massive country that is the US!

There is so much to talk about I don’t really know where to start. Maybe with my arrival, everything is so enormous, the houses, the cars, the University and even the people for some of them! After that it is the welcome even if they find you weird to come here from so far, US citizens are extremely nice and for a lot of them eager to learn about you and your origins (even if Geography is not there strength… just joking).

To get the most of this experience abroad I decided to get invested in a few associations and clubs. You have a few choices when you have around 17,000 students on the campus and 1,000 are internationals! So I got involved with the International Student Council (ISC) which promotes all cultures and try to get them to meet with the people from the US. Also more specifically with the European Student Association (ESA). We organised events just to gather up all these students living the same type of experience abroad on different periods of time but still, it creates a bond between all of them.

Ok all that concerns a lot of people having, like me, a experience abroad so I decided to get to know more American students by joining the rugby team and yes I was the only European there, kind of weird when you think about it… Sports is probably the most easy way to make friends and I quickly and 20 American friends: Just AWESOME!!!!!

With all that you are going to think I haven’t got time to study well still a little from time to time like a good little student in the US. I was surprised by the size of the classes, as in the number of student, that was small even with that many student coming to University but it promotes a better contact with the teacher with whom, for some of them, I am still in touch!

So bottom line, no need to have a huge city with millions of people, come and visit parts that wouldn’t be first choice and you will see that you will get an amazing experience abroad and in my case in the US!!

Thomas Coudron

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