Spain Internship – Tenerife and then Gran Canaria

I would like to tell you about my experience in an internship I have done in Tenerife, and about my work experience after the internship which was in Gran Canaria.

My previous study was Tourism and for that study I have been to Tenerife to do a five month internship. I did the internship in a hotel at the entertainment department. This means a lot of contact with the guests of the hotel and make it more enjoyable for them. During the day the guests could play games like water-polo, French bowls, archery, rifle shooting, football, darts etc. During the evening there were professional shows but before and after we spoke with the guests and tried to take them on the dance floor. The most important characteristic of an entertainer is the expression of the face. I really enjoyed this internship in Tenerife, and to be around people all the time.

After this period in Tenerife I wanted to gain more experience abroad. I decided to work for one year in another country. I first did an Intensive Spanish course for three months in Sevilla. From there I found a job in Gran Canaria as entertainer. Actually I wanted to do something else to gain different experience but I have had a great time as entertainer during my internship in Tenerife so it was very attractive to do it again.

This time it was definitely different because my experience and language skills made me very fast chief of entertainment. As a chief you have to manage the team and satisfy all the guests, you have a lot more responsibilities, and you have to deal with complaint or even better avoid receiving complaints.

I was presenting shows in four languages, which made it more difficult to keep the attention of all the guests but this is definitely a good experience that I lived like challenge for me. Basically there were competition games which would end in a lovely and hilarious evening.

All in all I can definitely say I have improved many skills and right now I really do have a stronger personality, thanks to this internship and that experience I had in the gran Canaria.


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  1. Nodirbek says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a internship,
    from 05-05-2013 till 01-10-2013,
    Currently,I am studying at Turiba School of Business Administration Riga,Latvia
    Could you provide for me internship ? and i was wondering what departments could you offer for me ?
    Thank you for your attention!
    Best regard,
    Nodirbek Mashrapov.

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