Public Relations Internship in France : The “group experience”

Hi everyone!

Do you have already wanted to make an internship abroad with friends? I did it, here is my story:

I am Noémie, 22, and I come from Belgium. Yes, the internship doesn’t take place in a distant country but it was enough for me at that moment.

The internship was about press relations for an event. It is a 4-days festival about documentary movies and journalistic profession. It takes place every year at Le Touquet.

My general tasks were to welcome journalists and to observe the supervisor during events. It was more an “observation internship”. The particularity is that I did this internship with three friends in the same team. So there were positive and negative points.

First of all, here are the positive arguments. We were four good friends with the same wishes for the internship. With a group, you can share an apartment which is cheaper than a hotel room and easier to cook and eat. Of course, you are not alone for your first day and there is somebody to talk and share your impressions with. The last positive thing is that the journey and the after work time aren’t so long when you have friends.

Then let’s talk about the negative points. The main ones is that four persons who want exactly the same thing is not possible all the time. You don’t have the same personality than your friends. A piece of advice: Accept all tasks which you want to do even if your friends doesn’t want, you could discover a new field or view about what you want or don’t want to do! Even during the free time, be careful because your are all the time together.

My internship was really great and the negatives didn’t really appear for me. I just wanted to draw your attention on it.

To conclude, no need to go in a distant country to have an interesting internship. If you want to do internship in group, just think about the positive and negative points before the internship with your friends. Search for an internship where your friends can also apply but where your tasks and progress could be different.


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