Never to old for an internship abroad

My name is Jumana,

48 years old, and I have been living in Germany for 27 years, but I was born in Syria/Daraa. My father worked in Berlin, the capital of Germany while I was a child and I always visited him in the summer with my mother and my siblings. Then he changed his job and it took more than 10 years before I returned as an adult to East/Berlin in 1983.
I was 19 years old and my father was working in Berlin again. I enjoyed living in Germany from the beginning but unfortunately I forgot how to speak German and I could only remember some words like “Hallo” and “Auf Wiedersehen”. I worked hard and learned the most important basics of the German language in a few month. Now I was able, to integrate myself much more.My father succeeded in finding a place for me to study in West Berlin at the Free University (FU). I had to visit the “Studien College” first, which is an A-level school that belongs to the FU, in order to continue studying at the Free University.

That means I lived in East Berlin but I was studying in West Berlin. It was impossible to discuss renting a room in West-Berlin near the FU with my old fashioned father. I was travelling two hours each direction a day from East to West Berlin for two years.

It was actually easy to cross the border and I didn’t had to wait in the queue. I was actually ashamed of this due to the fact the elderly, who were allowed to pass the border, had to wait a long time. So I found a way to clear my conscience by helping them carrying their heavy bags to their relatives on both sides of the border. These days I thought the first time about getting old and asked myself if the age would stop me travelling.

Due to the fact, that the job market has changed and the competition is getting harder, it was not easy to find a well paid permanent appointment as a secretary for a person in my age. I read a lot about the requirements to get a job in my field and understood, that an internship abroad would help a lot to find  a way to reach my targets. But I asked myself: “Am I to old for an internship abroad?”
Travelling has always been a big part of my life, but I was not sure, if I would be able to succeed  in an internship abroad. Would I be able to refresh my English and to understand my  new tasks?
But then I decided to give it a try and traveled to New Romney, Kent in England for my internship abroad. This is also a part of my current studies in Berlin. I am part of an educational program to become a foreign-language correspondent. This program is given by a school called BBQ which is subsidized by the European Union.

I was looking for an internship on the Internet and promptly found internship-UK. I came to New Romney to improve my English language skills to be prepared for my exams at the IHK-Berlin in the beginning of January next year.
Now I am here in my fourth week and I can’t stop thinking about missing all of this when I have to go back home. I feel like I found my second small family here. I am not exaggerating but I really feel like this. In the company we work as a team by helping each other and cooking together. In the evening we organize events together even when it is just relaxing on the couch watching TV or going out to a near Club dancing till your legs hurts.

I learned a lot during my work here at internship-UK. The same amount I was ready to give, I can take with me. We have here the following departments: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Accounting or Translation.

A lot of people come here from all over the place and are staying for at least 3 or 6 months making it a very educational, fun, and makes it a once in a lifetime experience. For that reason this won’t be my last visit to New Romney. I will miss everything and most of all I will miss the nice walks along the stony beach with the friendly people that I met here.

I would love to stay here forever, find a job and move from Berlin to New Romney. That is my dream. Who knows, sometimes even dreams come true.

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