My Second Family

It was summer and I had just graduated from my business school, ready to conquer the world. After a lot of planning it was definite that I was going to England for an internship. 19 years old and I had never spent more than one week away from my family. I felt so ready, but I had no idea what I had said yes to.
Probably, I was a little too confident! Because suddenly I was alone. For the first time I had to take real responsibility. I had to think about waking up, cooking, but worst of all I had to wash my own clothes, which I never had tried before. I felt really lost in the beginning.
But I was wrong. I was not alone. Here you are together with people 24/7 – you work together and you live together. Of course it has its up’s and down’s to be so close and it can be a little intense. But there have been more up’s than down’s and great great moments. The best thing is that here I discovered my second family. I discovered what it is like to know people who sincerely cared about me and took care of me.
Even if I try to seem strong and happy, sometimes the feeling of being only 19 years old and being away from my family was a really strong emotion. Every moment I had this feeling I just had to look around and I could see these amazing people, who always tried to make me feel good and be happy. They made me call this place my home.
To have a moment alone is almost impossible here, but that is what made it so special. We have shared so many moments in the working hours and outside work, where we have been on a lot of great trips and have had the funniest parties. Even when I was in my room, I was never alone for a long time. There was always one person or more, who knocked on my door to talk, to joke, to get help, to give help or just to check if everything is fine.
Here, I have laughed, I have cried. I have been happy, I have been sad. I have felt strong, I have felt weak. One thing is sure I do not regret anything.
My time here has come to an end. Leaving this place and its people will be very difficult, they are apart of my life now. Everyone has given me something special and I have learnt so much from them all. I am extremely grateful for this experience and all the people I had the chance to meet. I will never forget New Romney and all the incredible people here, who always will have a place in my heart.

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