My internships changed my life :)

My name is Anki, I am 23 and I am from Germany. I am a student of International Management in the 3rd year and next to my high school and university I did several internships.

For me it is important to both collect experiences and find out my abilities and interests. In my opinion work experience is improving the business and private skills and helps developing self esteem and the ability to care for yourself.

While doing an internship an intern gets confronted with a different environment that he or she was used to in school. To work in a real company challenges ones autonomy and the intern experiences being responsible for first small then bigger tasks or projects.

In my previous time I already did 9 internships in very different companies. For me it is important to have a wide horizon and see as many scopes and views as possible. I worked in the retail, social and catering service as well as in a multi media company, in the career service of my university and I was the manager of the Erasmus club at my university.

During all these internships I learned to solve several different issues that came up in financial, social or management areas. I got to know the structure of every of these companies. Working with or for other people gives you the possibility to see other peoples point of views and ways to work. I also used the chance to go abroad for doing an internship and for me even more interesting as the different company cultures are the cultural differences. When I did a marketing internship in Ghana, Africa I was surprised how diverse the people are working and how different they put their priorities compared to how we do in Germany.

I can say for myself that I learned a lot during my previous internships. While doing them I could not only find out, that some areas I thought I was interested in, are not the area I further want to work in. But also I developed and improved my personal, language and business skills.

I can recommend doing an internship to everybody!

Do a small one, do a big one, do it in your hometown or abroad, do it one week or six months.. but you should do it  :)

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