Learning who you are with Internship-UK

Internship-UK is not only a way to find an interesting internship in which you will have real responsibilities; it is also a way to learn a lot about yourself and the others, so this is why this experience is so rewarding.
When you arrive at the office you have no choice but adapting yourself. Indeed, you have to speak English even if you are not very good. Do not hesitate, because all interns are there for the same reasons: to improve their English as well as to gain work experience. You do not have to worry about doing mistakes, nobody is perfect. I emphasize this point because you have to understand that it is the key to be successful during your internship! You will learn quickly if you are involved and motivated, not only about how to do your work but also about knowing yourself.
Meeting people, communicating with them, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry… in Internship-UK, you learn how to be independent without your family or friends, you will be ready to know who you are and for sure you will surprise yourself. It is also a good way to open your mind by discovering new cultures, ways of living and thinking.
Gaining a real work experience is of course one of the strongest points of Internship-UK, because, usually when you do an internship, you do not have important things to manage. But here, if you show your skills and if you are good you will get the chance to become a supervisor (a kind of manager), so you will be in charge of a whole department what brings new challenges. However, you will learn a lot of things, you will understand better how a company works and see that all the departments (Marketing, Human Resources, Media, Translation, IT, Customer Relationship Management) are linked with each other.
To conclude I want to say that it is an amazing experience that you will never forget. Meeting lovely people and creating a network of friends all over Europe, and at the same time improving not only your English, but also your working skills.

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