Internships in General

My name is Priyanka Rauniyar. I am 21 Years. I am studying International Business and Management Studies. To complete my second year of my study, I am now doing an internship in New Romney, UK. This is my first internship. I have never done any internship before this one.

The term internship is very broad. For me Important topics related to internship are the place of internship, the job responsibilities, the experience that you will go through this internship, the challenges you will face and how you will be able to overcome them and what at the end the overall impressions is of the internship you have done for a certain period of time.

The first day of an internship you learn the basics, afterwards you learn more and more and get more responsibilities. It is about a working experience in a special field in a company that you chose to work at. You go for an internship to improve your skills and to learn as much as possible from everyone and especially from your higher level managers. An internship is about office settings, working tools, working hours, interactions with other groups and activities.

Every company has their own rules about internships. The Internships can be paid, unpaid or for credit.

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