Internship in UK from an Italian

I never did an internship before, and I think that internships, expecially abroad, are the best things that one young person can do in his life. In my university, the Faculty of Economics in Turin, I study Marketing and I’m at the third age of my university’s schooling: I hope to be graduate this September. During those three years we have to do not less than 150 hours of internship, in Italy or abroad.

I think that a student needs more than this number of hours to learn how people work in a company: and of course if the internship is abroad the student needs much time to learn the language. In fact, I think that people need three months or more to improve a language.

In Italy is difficult to find an internship if you are not graduate: for italian companies in fact are suitable only graduate people, especially with a score higher than 100110. For me is right to accept only students with an high score, but for people that are studying is too difficult to find some internship until italian companies will accept only graduate students. That is one of the reasons why I think that for a student in general (expecially an Italian one) is better to search for an internship abroad.

Live with other young people, improve your language, learn how to work in a different country with different way of working and of living are only some of all the advantages that people can have doing an internship abroad. In fact, in our globalized world is better to know other languages and other way of working and thinking. That makes you suitable for much more companies in many countries. An internship far from their home helps also people to be indipendents and to learn how to live alone or with some coetaneous.

In my opinion this is the most helpful thing that an internship abroad gives to you: living and working in contact with people from all around the world helps you to learn a lot of things: this makes you a better person for your future work and for yourself too.

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