Internship in UK from a German

My name is Nilany Uthayaventhan. I am 21 years old and this is my first internship abroad. Because I am studying Mathematics, English and Geography to become a teacher I had already done some internships in Germany.

The first internship I did was in a practice of pediatrist what I had to do while I was in the 9 class. It was a different experience to work there because I did not know before what I have to do, but it was really nice and I enjoyed it . After finishing my A-Level I started to study and after the first semester i have to do a internship called “Orientierungspraktikum”.

The first two weeks I was in a primary school in my own city and after that I was in a elementary school. This internship has shown me that I have chosen the right profession because i love to stay in front of a class and teach them about world:). Moreover i have learned much about to work with four really different students and to organize things together. At first it was difficult but later it was really great and at the end we were good friends. During the third semester i did a internship in a school again and i had to face some difficulties in planning and organization things. But we mastered these problems very successfully as a team. In general internships are important for everyone because it will help you to get some experience about work and different fields. Also it gives you the opportunity to choice your job that fits to you the best. Of course we learn more then we can think of.

A internship abroad is a little bit different than a internship in the home country. It makes you self-confident and independent. Also it is the best way to learn the language of that country. You will learn about the culture, behavior, food, people and a lot more. Especially in the internship-UK your will learn not only about the country we you are you will also learn about many other countries and people. And the most important one is that you will make some many friends. :)

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