Internship in France or in England?

Have you ever desperately felt the need to do an internship before entering the world of work? Well, this was exactly the situation

I was in during my last year of university! I finished my bachelor’s degree in International Science and Diplomacy perfectly in the prescribed time, then I realised that even if an internship was not a compulsory part of my studies, I needed to do one. Nowadays every company requires at least one work experience from their applicants, thus what you learn at university is not enough.

I wanted and would suggest you to search for an internship abroad, in this way you can both do a work experience and better your knowledge of a foreign language. I have studied English for 10 years and French for 6 years, so I was prone to find it in the England, in France or in Belgium. Suddenly, I was assailed by a doubt: was it more important to improve my English, because it is the official language in many work environments? Surfing in the Internet I found out there is a great amount of offers for unpaid internships. I started apply to every job I was interested in, such as to an Insurance company in France, to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in England and to the European Commission in Belgium, unfortunately no one of these was successful.

I decided to focus my research on the subject of the intership, not on the country. This could sound banal to you, but I was really worried I had to opt for an internship in England to improve my English, even if I would have not liked the field. I would like to suggest you to choose an internship by its content and its quality, you should consider if it gives you the possibility to grow professionally. Moreover, English, French and all other languages are equally useful; your future boss will appreciate you know whatever language, if you are proficient in it.

Finally, I would like to recommend you to do as many interships as you can before entering the real work environment, you will gain experience in different fields and have the possibility to understand which career is more suitable for your future.


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