How to spend your free time in New Romney during the internship?

The online booking company Studio Solution welcomes each year many students coming to achieve their internship for one semester. Obviously, by coming to England, most of them hope that they will go to the English capital that makes them dream so much with its numerous shops, pubs and streets. However, the small town of New Romney also has a unique charm and can allow them to live a unique experience that they will not forget.

New Romney is a small town located in Kent, on the south coast of England. During their internship in New Romney, the students can appreciate the typical English sceneries and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the town. Even though the town is not as big as some English cities, the students quickly learn how to spend well their free time. Moreover, they have a sports room at their disposal right next to the office (around a 5 minutes walk), were they can practise a lot of sports, such as body building, but also many other activities, the whole at a reasonable price thanks to a partnership with the company. The students also have the beach, which is located a few kilometres far from their accommodation, where they often gather during the weekend to enjoy the wonderful view.
The pastime during the working days is organized this way : after a long working day, the interns like to go to the sport room, where everyone can spend energy and relax their brain. On the contrary, some others rather like to go to the common parts of the accommodations in order to enjoy a moment of relaxation with other foreign students. Most of the students really like this part of their internship, because on one hand, they have to speak English, and in the other hand, thanks to this experience, they can get to know other cultures for example. Furthermore, the company provides them table football, pool tables, and ping-pong tables, and has equipped the video rooms with huge material (big screens, CD and DVD players, etc).

Thus, the students who come to achieve their internship in New Romney do not have the time to get bored. If everyone likes to have fun and socialize a little, they could appreciate and live entirely their internship.

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