How to share a room during an experience abroad

When it comes to undertaking an internship abroad you can be faced with the possibility of having to share your bedroom with someone else. It is neither your brother or your sister, nor your best friend. You may have to share the room with a perfect stranger in the beginning. You will know nothing about them : not at what time they usually wake up, if they are noisy or really quiet, nor if they are a clean person or not…and so much more. It does not matter if you have a single room at home or if you have already gotten used to sharing a room with someone else. You still need to go through a change and primarily be their roommate before becoming a friend. This could be strange, but the first initial difficulties can hide a great opportunity: if the other person is nice and friendly you can build a friendship more quickly than you have ever done before. Waking up together and going to bed together in the evening after watching a movie, or talking, joking and laughing together about the funny facts of the day, and even cleaning together can make you forget about everything else so that you are no longer even suffering from the distance between your family and your previous routine. You will feel very close to your “roomie” even if he/she was a perfect stranger only a short time ago. It may seem weird, and perhaps it is, but you can create a kind of family within a few weeks. Day after day, you get used to a unique relationship and you become fond of a completely new routine that you will undoubtedly miss a lot at the end of your internship, when the time to return home arrives. However, what if you are unlucky and you find yourself sharing with an unfriendly and impolite roommate? First of all do not despair: never judge a book by its cover. Maybe it is just a first impression and they need time to reveal their positive aspects. So wait for a while to see if over time they become friendlier and build up confidence with you. If this is not the case, and they are definitely unfriendly and rude, just bear in mind that we are not supposed to get along with everybody and that once that you have tried your best, you do not have to be sorry for anything. Just behave in the best possible way and look for relationships outside the bedroom. You do not necessarily need to find a special relationship in your room: you can find it outside. Stay positive and keep smiling even at the worst times: never let anyone wipe away your smile, because as long as you keep smiling you feel good with yourself and with the others who care about your happiness.

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