How to handle the 5 most common internship troubles

Summer has began and you are ready for your internship. Fully motivated you enter the lobby of the company you will work for during your holidays. But after a few days you recognise that your job differs very strongly from your expectations. No reason to become desperate. Here you will find solutions for the 5 most common issues during internships.

  1. Your internship is not what you expected
    You thought you would get more interesting tasks? The room where you live is tight and smelly? You have to work for 12 hours per day? Your whole traineeship is simply not like you wanted it to be.
    The best way to avoid this horrible circumstances is to clarify your working conditions in details beforehand. If you have missed that you can still communicate with your supervisor. But ensure that you speak with him or her in a positive way. Show that you are interested in the success of the company and that you are willing to learn. Normally your supervisor wants you to have good experiences during your internship. If you clearly communicate your needs and expectations they will most likely help you to improve the situation.
  2. You are in conflict with your supervisor
    Sometimes it seems that your supervisor does not like you, because he or she always has a different opinion than you and nothing you do seems right. In this case it is very important to keep in mind that having different views is nothing unusual. Handling with conflicting minds is a good experience for you and you can learn a lot from it for your future. Try to show empathy and relocate yourself in the situation with your supervisor. When you see both circumstances it is more easy to find a compromise.
  3. Boredom
    You feel unchallenged and are ready with all your tasks before lunch? Now this situation is really not very difficult to handle. Just ask your colleague if he or she has a project for you or if you can help them with anything. If they don’t have anything to do for you, you could also ask your colleagues in other departments for work. And if really nobody has a job for you just use your time wisely. Read a book related to the field you are working in or search for more information in the internet. I am sure you will find something useful to do.
  4. You do not get enough directions
    Your supervisor gave you all your tasks for the day but nevertheless you do not know what to do because he did not explain it enough. Some people tend to think that asking all the time will annoy the supervisor but you should not be afraid to ask questions. They will understand that you are not a professional and simply do not have as much knowledge as they have yet. Nevertheless it is essential to pay attention to what is being explained – you could also take some notes – to avoid having to ask the same questions again and again. This is indeed annoying to your supervisor.
  5. You do not get enough feedback
    If you understand all your tasks, you have the optimal quantity of work to do but you do not get feedback – neither positive nor negative – it could be really demotivating. But also this problem can be solved very easily. Ask your supervisor how you could improve your work or if he or she liked your outcome. The best way to get feedback on a regular basis is to arrange a weekly meeting, in which you get feedback.

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