Finding an Internship

In September 2013, when my friend and I were looking for an internship, we found that it wasn’t very easy to find one. Because internships are mandatory in our education system and we wanted to do it abroad, we spent many hours and sent many emails while trying to find a place to do one. The fact that our school didn’t have any overseas connections that interested us made finding an internship even harder. So we decided to start searching through the internet for good options to do our last internship before our graduation.

We are both very interested in the travel and tourism industry, and we both want to improve our language skills, so the decision that we definitely wanted to go abroad was very easy to make. Because of our mutual interest in travel and tourism and the fact that we both wanted to be provided with accommodation, we decided to start to sending emails to different hotel chains and hotels around the world. In total, we sent nearly one hundred emails. At some points, it felt as if we wouldn’t find any placement abroad and we feared that we would have to stay in our home country. But instead of giving it up, we continued searching for new places and continued sending many more emails to hotels around the world.

When it started to seem unlikely that we would acquire an internship in the hotel industry, we decided to extend the range of fields that we would like to work for, and so we stopped focusing on just hotels. Instead, we started to look for other possibilities like marketing and international business. Still, even though we were no longer focusing on merely hotels, it was very hard to find an internship opportunity. We spent hours and hours trying to find a suitable place for us.

Finally, after weeks of searching and sending emails, we found a place where we both thought we could apply. After applying, we received individual emails concerning interviews for the internship. Before our interviews, we both felt very nervous about what to expect, but once it was over we were very relieved. On the day that we got our acceptance letters we were very excited about it, and after that we were able to start the preparation for the internship. Luckily, we didn’t have to take care of accommodation or food because the company provides them. The only responsibility of ours was to book the flights, get all the paper work done and pack our stuff, and we would finally be ready to leave.

After we had booked the flight tickets and got all the paperwork done, we were very pleased with ourselves. The fact that we finally had an internship was a really calming feeling, for we didn’t have to worry about it any more. Everything was now ready for us to complete our last internship before our graduation.

Finding an internship took some time but it was worth it. The experience you get by carrying out your internship abroad is indispensable. It’s so different compared to doing an internship in your home country. But after all, how you spend your time and what kind of attitude you take towards your internship is all up to you.

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