Discovering life in England

The UK is one of the most chosen destinations for students around the world, particularly the French ones because it is only two hours far from France by train.
Generally, we are very excited thinking of going in a foreign country, discovering another way of life, while we improve our English.
During our training we have to make an internship abroad in order to validate our academic year and England welcomes every year many students to improve their English. I noticed that it was not so easy to find an internship in London, but it is easier to find it in small towns because there are many organizations for students which are perfect for doing an internship.
When I arrived in England for the first time, I had to go to Kent which is a city located two hours from London. I made a mistake because I put London instead of Kent on my ticket, but it was not a bad experience because it allowed me to visit London of which I had heard so much.
At the beginning I was disappointed because it was raining the whole day, the walls in London are usually colourless, and I had the impression that all the Londoners were sad especially when I took the London Underground.
In London the prices are higher than in France and we do not have the same system: here you can pay the rent weekly and not monthly, cars move on the left side of the road, students have many advantages such as free transportation services until they are 16.
I had to go to my internship place in Kent, more precisely in New Romney, and when I arrived, I was totally depressed because there was almost nothing around us, as we were in the country side, which was a shock for me because I grew up and used to live in big cities and I just wanted to go back home. Over time I got used to live here and began to enjoy the place and the city because there are so many things to do, places to visit and it is only a 10-minutes walk to the sea.
Internship UK is a unique experience with a lot of students who come from all over Europe. We live together and we can learn the habits of other countries, discover new dishes which are prepared for the lunch time and this is the opportunity to discover dishes from their countries. The best thing is that you can speak only in English with other students, otherwise we can not understand each other.
You also have the possibility to make real friendships thanks to the workshops, which are organised every day. That allows us to know ourselves better, to learn important things about the work environment in a funny way that facilitates us to participate, reveal and express ourselves in front of several people about what can happen when we maintain a job. Student life here is very funny and exciting because all of us generally have the same age, we work from Monday to Friday with managers and supervisors who are really nice, they listen to you and they are always available when we have a problem. During the weekend we organize many trips (one of this was to London), we visit various attractions in cities such as monuments, churches, and there are also many places where you can go shopping and do sightseeing at the same time, such as Canterbury and many other places. Student life is rich because it is a good experience and we always have good times. When I came for the first time I only wanted to return home but now I have a wonderful time with wonderful people around me.

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