D Day

Studio Solution is an online marketing company which welcomes many students every year.

For every intern of the company, there comes the day when their contract ends and they have to return home. Obviously, this part of the internship is the most difficult, since the intern has to leave all that he or she was doing during the internship; this means saying goodbye to their good friends.
However, as a souvenir of this life experience, the intern is gifted a farewell video called “Thank you party” in which friends and colleagues can leave a message and reminder of the good times they have spent together. What is so charming about this video is that it often includes short messages and films from interns that left some months earlier, leaving nobody out. The intern’s Thank You Party is planned some days before the D Day; the Event Managers tell the Media department the exact date when the intern leaves, as well as his last working day. Then, the media service gathers photos and videos of the leaving intern. There is also a camera they can use to record new video messages during the breaks or during lunch time, since it is forbidden to take videos during the work time.
After having received everything, they compose a video. The videos tend to be shown after the workshops (6 pm) because at that time most of the interns are still in the office. However, some interns choose to see their videos in their house (Hotel, Admiral, Terranova or Foreshore) which allows them to enjoy it even more and to spend one last shared moment together.

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