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My report about internships and other experiences in my life

I never did an internship abroad before and for me it is an important experience to use the theoretical work at the university for the practice.

Marketing is one of my main subjects and happy about my place hear in New Romney. I made an study abroad in the Netherlands before. It was in Arnhem at Arnhem Business School. The Internship is like the study abroad also a part of my study program. My first impression is very well and I thing it will be a great time to stay.

I study industrial engineering and the economical part is only in English. My technical part is in German on my home University in Bremen. I have an experience in one internship in Germany. I worked 2 month in a company, which are building containers. They build special containers for the military and container ships. I got an overview about the construction work and the atmosphere in the company. The place of the company is in Bremen (Germany). The personnel consisted of some engineers and welders. I got an overview about the constructing and that was useful to get a better understanding in the technical work. Sometimes the atmosphere wasn´t so good, because of mistakes of the welders. The boss was pretty often angry about them. The engineers were project manager. One of them was an construction leader.

I needed this internship to start the study program. The knowledge for the economical I got in my education as a insurance merchant. I worked 2 years in an insurance company and had contact with customers. I´m really happy to get a place in the UK to improve the English language. Because English is the language in business and without the experience you cannot get a good workplace in the future. It is impossible to learn another language only in the school. In general the internship helps you to know where are your strengths and weaknesses. Before your work time you have to know in what field you want to work. The work time is long and it is important to have sustainable job with a good atmosphere.

Internship in the International Film Festival

Hi everyone!

My name is Haizea and I come from a small city called San Sebastian, which is located on the northern coast of Spain. It is great living there, as it has a wonderful gastronomy, fascinating culture and the city is just beautiful. There are plenty of events that take place in San Sebastian, but there is one that attracts people from all over the world: the International Film Festival. It is one of most important cinema festivals in the world, being one of the 14 “A” category competitive festivals accredited by the FIAPF.

As I studied Translation and Interpreting for 4 years, I thought it would be a good idea to work in an international event like this, as I would be able to use the  knowledge that I had obtained in my studies. Moreover, I have always  loved cinema and having the most important film festival in Spain in my  own home town was a great opportunity for me. That’s why I applied for  an internship of 3 months in one of the departments of the Festival which  is in charge of organising different sections of the event.

During my internship I did many different tasks, such as translating publications of the Festival, proofreading texts in Basque, Spanish, English and French, organising the section Made in Spain (that shows Spanish films of the year), Culinary Zinema (a section created in collaboration with the Berlin International Film Festival that combines cinema and gastronomy) or the International Film Students Meeting (an initiative where cinema schools can show their student’s work and a jury will grant the winner and three other directors as candidates for participation in the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner).

Working in the International Cinema Festival was a great experience, as the city is really involved in the event and you can enjoy the countless films, press conferences and awards of the Festival. During the Festival I could attend many conferences where I had the opportunity of listening to Glenn Close, Guillermo Arriaga (screenwriter of Babel, Amores Perros and 21 Grams), Juan Diego Botto (Argentine-Spanish actor) or the American actress Frances McDormand. Furthermore, I specially liked getting to know cinema students that were competing in a short film competition, knowing about their interests and seeing their projects. I learnt many things from working with a big group of all ages and it was a really interesting process meeting new people interested in cinema and culture.

Doing this internship was a great decision as I was able to put into practice what I had learnt during my studies. Being an intern helps you acquaint yourself with the real professional sphere, as often universities are more focused on a theoretical approach. From my point of view, it is the best step before getting a job given that one can gain more knowledge and, therefore, be more prepared for a future job!

Internship: some advice

Hi everybody!

My name is Céline, I come from France and I am studying Foreign Languages Applicated (English/Italian) at the university of Tours since two years. So, I study foreign languages but also law, economy and management. To finish my degree, I had to do an internship abroad, so I am going to talk to you about internships in general.

What is an internship?

An internship is, most of the time, the first work experience of a student or a recently graduated person. You can do an internship in your own country but doing one abroad is the best for your professional carrier. In fact, languages are now in greatest demand to get a job.

Why should people do an internship abroad?

First, doing an internship abroad means that you are going to improve the language of the country where you are (English, Italian, Spanish…). Having a good level in one or two foreign languages is a very good point for your future job.

Second, you will meet people from the country or even from other countries and, thanks to this, you will learn to know different cultures, ways of life and sometimes even erase all your prejudices.

To finish, and I think it is the most important reason to do an internship: you will get experience for your future job. Nowadays, the employers are always asking for experiences in the job you apply for.

These are the main reasons why you should do an internship.

Which country should people choose?

Obviously, you should not choose a country because of the weather, the nightclubs or the beach. An internship is about working and not partying.

To choose a country, try to find the language most spoken you know and go to the country to improve it. For example, if you speak English very fluent but you also know how to speak German, maybe you should choose Germany to have the same level in both languages.

There is another way to think to choose the country. You are maybe decided on an international carrier in Asia because you want to work in the industry Asian video games for example. Then, you should go there and not in an European or American company because they might not work as the occidental workers. Even if you do not really speak an Asian language, you can work in Asia with a fluent English.

To conclude, choosing a country to do an intership is about your language capacities and the kind of job you want to get in your future.

To conclude, an internship is a great human experience and not only working experience. You can meet people very different from the ones in your country ans so having a different point of view about foreign people. I hope this help anybody for a future internship.


Sales Marketing in Padua, Italy

Hello Everybody,

My name is Riccardo, I am a 24 years old guy from Venice, Italy. I am studying International Enterprise Management at the University of Venice and I am in my second and last year, so close to take my master’s degree.

I am a very simple person, easy-going, friendly and committed.

I took my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2010 and during that period I got my first working experience. I decided to work at Fitness First Spa in Padua, Italy. The company is a worldwide organisation, the largest health club in the world with over 540 Clubs and 1.7 million members in 21 countries. I worked there as an Intern for almost 2 months.

I worked in the Marketing Department, my main task was focused on attracting customers to become members of the gym. Basically, there were four different levels:

– Outreach
– Telephone-Calls
– Free-entry gym pass
– Face-to-face relationship

For the first time, I learned how to behave in a group and how to connect with people. Each person in the marketing office had a goal to reach every month. The goals changed depending on the results. The salary was related to the goals reached, for example, every person gained a fixed payroll plus a variable amount depending on the level of people that became members that month.

Working on goals and results motivated and challenged me. Our Health Club compared itself to other Clubs around Italy every month. The problem of a management tool focused on goals, is that people can create internal tension, not allowing the company to obtain the best from each sales person.

The experience on its overall was good, because I liked to be in contact with the customer and have a face-to-face relationship. The problem was that I didn’t have so much time and, as my studies are more linked to management rather than to marketing, it was not my central topic. I didn’t have so much responsibility and they treated me as an Intern with no experience. Anyway, it was a great opportunity to learn how to behave in a group during the working hours and how to manage deadlines and under pressure situations.



Internship in Psychology of Consumer Behaviour in Italy

Hi Guys!
Maybe, I’m not the best person to talk about an internship abroad because I’ve never done it before, but I know the importance of an internship (in general) and I can tell you my experience!!!

At first, it’s better if I introduce a bit of myself!

I’m Giulia, I’m 25 and I come from Bologna, a beautiful town in the North of Italy. I received my first degree in General Psychology at the University of Cesena and in December 2011 I graduated in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Padua. So, now, I finally finish all my studies and I’m ready to start working!

In order to receive my last degree, I had to do a short internship and it was a special experience! Thanks to the internship I discovered a deep interest for communication, advertising and consumer behaviour. It was my Professor of “Psychology of Marketing & Advertisment” who asked me to take a part in a university research project about the evolution of advertising in order to understand the mental and psychological changes of the consumers. In the beginning I was a little bit afraid because this was not my real field of knowledge and it was the first time that I had a lot of responsibilities.

The main tasks I did were analysis on selected campaigns (like Dove, Findus, Ikea, Muller, Nike, Heineken) and questions to Creative Directors of these commercial spots. It was amazing because I had to analyze, on my own, this selection of campaigns from the psychological point of view (and it was not so simple!) and make different interviews for the Marketing Manager and the Creative Director of the Company. I’m thankful for my internship because I’ve learned to take part in a team working and share opinions, to take responsibilities and admit mistakes. It’s a good way to practise your knowledges or learn new skills.

Everyone knows that internship is a great opportunity to find out your abilities and to understand if the occupation you have chosen is really yours or not. As a rule, the majority of students study in order to receive a degree and they have a poor perception of what they are going to do after the graduation. I think that an internship gives you the opportunity to gain the experience in the field of your occupation and maybe to be employed after the graduation.



Social Work Internship in Germany

I did an Internship in a social organisation for children with special needs like attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, mental retardation, personality disorder, etc. I worked there for two years. In this type of work it’s really important to stay for a long time, because in the work with children you have to built strong relations. The children need to have the secure that Social workers have a save relation to them, because some of them have experience with living in child cares or the parents are not able to give them emotional secures.

In my Internship I have learned to handle great responsibilities and work under pressure, but stay relaxed because otherwise the group atmosphere will change and the children will be really difficult to handle. For example one of my responsibilities, I had to organise on my own, was to pick up the children from school with a van. I had to manage the time everyday, handle the conflicts in the car, which they brought from school, stay in contact with the teachers and transfer all the informations to my team.

In a social team it’s really important to talk about all difficulties to improve the teamwork. The children will notice if there are problems between the team members. The atmosphere in the group of children depends on the feelings of the adults, because children are really sensitive. Through talking about criticism and positive feedback, I have learned to accept criticism and positive feedback,as well as improve my own personality. Moreover the work in this social organization has given me strong organisational skills, because I had to organise and structure the all day live of the children. It was really important to plan everything ahead, the children needed the secure that everything is going the right way.

Furthermore I have learned to be really patient, because in difficult situations like an aggressive child can’t calm down, you have to balance your own emotions. Then try to act really slow and transfer your inner balance to the child.

For me it was a great experience to do an Internship in this field and it was an opportunity for me to improve my skills and my personality.


Marketing internship in the Netherlands

Hello people!

First I’ll introduce myself so you get a picture of who I am.

My name in Tim, I’m 22 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. At the moment I’m studying business economics in Enschede, a city in the Netherlands.

I would like to tell you something about my previous internship!

Two years ago I did an internship in marketing in a Dutch company. For me this was the first time I did an internship. This was in a trade company in cleaning materials. This was the first time I worked full time for a company. Because at that time I also managed a club and own a event organisation, I was used to ‘’working environment’’.

The main tasks I did in that company were market research, writing a communication plan and assist with the design of a new building for that company. Among with the interim manager I developed the logistic system for the new building.

During the internship I had many responsibilities but I liked it because I had to work under pressure. And work under pressure is something I really like, among the fact to reach the best results as possible. The beautiful thing of that internship was that I could see my results almost immediately.

In the team we had a big variety of people. There were a few interns like me, but also many other employees from different ages and with different experiences. The youngest employee was around 23 years old and the oldest employee was around 60. But because of that we could share a lot of interesting experiences and stories, which made the work extra special.

Besides all the positive points there also were some negative point as well. Because everybody was very busy in the company, it sometimes happened that I didn’t get the guidance I needed that time. The interim manager worked only 25 hours per week in that company. The other 25 hours he worked in another company, also as a interim manager. But due to that, I’ve learned how to solve issues when your supervisor isn’t around at the moment.

My conclusion is that I’ve learned many new skills and knowledge. My time at the company was very interesting and I had a lot of fun. And that is the most important factor during your work!

Tourism Internship in Padua

Hello Guys,

My name is Giorgia, I was born in Padua 23 years ago and at high school I studied Tourism.

That’s why during the summer of my third year at high school I did an intership, of only 2 weeks, in an agency called “Turismo Padova Terme Euganee” that provides many initiatives in the city of Padua and provides also information, promotions, tourist welcome and suggests some itinerary to discover the city.

Padua is a very beautiful city that has a population of 214,000 citizens and it is also one of the most important economic points of the region of Veneto. The city boasts beautiful monuments like “Prato della Valle” or “Cappella degli Scrovegni” painted by the famous Giotto.

My internship started the first week of September 2004 and it was divided into two parts. During the first week, I had to work in an office in front of one of the most famous monuments of the city “La Basilica del Santo” and here my task was to give all the information to the tourists about the city or about how to reach the most famous monuments of the city.

During the second and last week of my internship, I worked in the head office of the agency, located in the centre of Padua, and my task was to translate some information for the future brochures of the agency about Padua’s monuments, attractions and events.

It was a very short experience but a very good one because I had the opportunity to connect with foreign people and to enter in contact with the work in a good company of the Padua’s area.

I want to give to all some advice, accept all the work experience that the university or companies propose to you because this can help you to discover exactly what you like most in the working field.