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4 steps for a successful internship abroad

It’s very important to prepare a journey, and more when it’s for an internship abroad, so a long period of time! This is the reason why I decided to help you to prepare yourself!

First step : what kind of internship abroad do you want ?

It wasn’t difficult for me, because being in first year of my studies, the internship abroad had to be in the back office. It was much more difficult to find a great company.

The good questions to ask to you are : what I really like in my studies? In witch courses am I the most comfortable? What courses I have to improve? This internship abroad is it the good opportunity to try to improve your skill and your knowledge?

From the moment you answered all these questions, the first step is reached! Then, you have to know in what activity sector you would like to work ?

Indeed, if you want to undertake your internship abroad in a specific company or activity sector, everything must be very clear to you! After that, it’s necessary to be careful and find as much information you can about the company. We never know what will happen. Indeed, the company can be very far of your house, can have a bad reputation (for various reason) may not pay you. There is a lot of possibilities…unfortunately.

For an example, if you do an internship in France of more than 2 month, law oblige your company to pay you approximatively 400 Euro per months ! This is not negligible ! And some companies don’t declare you so they don’t have to pay you … or say “ I will pay you at the end of your internship ”…if it’s the case, you have to react immediately …it’s just an advice :)

You can find good informations on official websites like or (principaly about their social reason and official informations in France) and for worldwide. If you want to have a better vision of your workplace, google map is a good tool!

Second step : The formalities abroad and paperwork for an internship abroad

It’s very important to not forget essentials things like: assurances, passport, driving license (if you have)…it’s important to prepare your social coverage, and know some information about occupational accident !

There are also scholarships ( Leonardo… ) witch allows the mobility of people wishing to gain work experience in Europe, for an example.

Plan 1 or 2 month for your visa ! don’t wait the last moment :)

Make an appointment with your bank because some credit cards don’t work in foreign countries.

Third step : inquire a maximum about the country for your internship abroad

For example:electrical outlet are not the same in Europe and in USA or UK. A little thing like that can be a big mistake after because, for an example, if you need to use your computer or your mobile phone they have not battery, it will be problematic for you. So, think to buy an adaptor 😉

Read just a little about culture. Generally, European’s culture is not really opposed to English’s culture, but there is often differences ! Take language’s classes if you feel like you need them! Bases are very important to understand and be understood in the street like in your office.

Fourth step : preparation of last minute

Take informations about foreign exchange rate, think to take some liquid cash because for each transaction with credit card, you will have a commission from your bank.

Think to take essential medicines !

Concerning your friends : if you have a smart phone ( like an Iphone), there is a lot of applications like Viber, Skype, What’s app which will permit you, if you have an Wi-fi connexion, to call and send SMS free of charge 😉 !!

Concerning your boy (girl) friend, it’s never easy to keep contact each day, but there is always a way ! I used my iphone as soon as I could and thanks to this different applications, everything went well !! :)

All this things can be obvious but we always forget something 😉

internship abroad

Internship Abroad

Hello everybody, my name is Thomas and I will talk about my summer internship abroad in a car dealership !

I am currently a student of a business school and for my first year, I had to realize an internship abroad in a foreign country during the summer. Therefore I decided to change the atmosphere that surrounds me and tried to find an internship abroad in an environment totally different of mine and this is the reason why I have based my researches in the Caribbean.

After several researches, I found my internship abroad in Martinique (a little French island of the Caribbean, located between the Dominique and St. Lucia.), in an car dealership concession.

First impressions in my internship abroad:

First of all,the Caribbean is a very warm island, the dress code was smart/casual, and it was really nice to work in jeans and shirt and not in suit !( but sometimes, it was so hot that I would prefer work in Bermuda !!! but impossible ! Obviously :) ).

Then, the company : relatively big ! Because there was more than 4 different brands represented in the same big showroom.

The employees : not really the same age than me ( more than 26 years old) , but seemed fun and open-minded, just after my first meeting with them !

My manager : seemed cool !

And finally, the location : a very well place ! In the centre of Martinique, in the city of Lamentin, close of everything !

So a set of things that reassured me :). I was ready to go and work abroad !!

My tasks during my internship :

During my internship abroad, in the concession, I had as an objective to use my knowledge and my skills to sale cars.

The first days, the sale’s chief gave me a catalogue which described different particularities of cars. During 3 days, I learned by heart the catalogue and observed sale’s techniques of salesman and the fourth day it was my turn. :)

Day after day, I felt more and more comfortable and after being a few weeks working abroad, I sold several cars without any help, from the customer’s welcome to the vehicle’s delivery :).

At the end of my internship abroad, my working knowledge was much better than at the beginning and all my objectives were performed, therefore I can say that is was an internship abroad like each person would like to have :) !!

the atmosphere in my internship abroad :

Globaly, I can say that the atmosphere of this experience abroad was very very good ! I worked with very interesting persons, funny, and very competent in their work. There was no tension between us, and we were homogeneous group. The best working

conditions :)

Conclusion of my internship abroad :

This internship abroad was very interesting. Liking cars, I had the chance to drive some cars, from the basic model until the most powerful and more luxurious, and it was very cool ! I thank all my team for this experience and all this good time spent with them.

And other point very cool in my internship abroad : the location! Indeed, don’t forget that the Martinique is an island ! Do you know what I mean ?

Obviously ….!! beaches, sun, sea, cocktails …!!!!

In martinique, I discovered magnificent places which are just waiting for you !! :)

I kept very good memories of all this good times past in Martinique and I hope return one day in this beautiful island !

Learn English in England

I did my first English course in Chester and it was the best experience in my life… Thirty teenagers coming from Spain arrived the 28th July 2004 at Chester, fulled of illusion and with the light of the youth. During those days, Frienship and English walked hand in hand.

Chester is a city in Chesire, close to the border with Wales. And it is true that as soon as you arrive there you feel the history surrounding you. Since it was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago and its city walls are the most complete in Britain. It has also different buildings belonging to Medieval times as well as black-and-white buildings which are Victorian restorations.

The best of this English course were our tours in England. One of the most exciting trips was visiting Liverpool city and thinking about The Beatles’ songs. If you love The Beatles, you should go there and feel the beatlemania… The popularity of the different bands from this city, contribute to make it as an important tourist destination in England. Furthermore, the city celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2007, and it held the European Capital of Culture title in 2008.

During that month I could learn English language in England!!! And it gave me also the opportunity to discover beautiful places around. So, this could be the best excuse to have an unforgettable experience. Believe me…

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