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A special workshop

I am a translation intern in a company called Studio-Solution Ltd in New Romney. The first day I arrived at the office, the supervisor explained me how the training works. When she told me that at the end of every working day we would have to take part in a workshop, I remember that I was so scared! I didn’t know what to expect or what I would have to do.
When I took part in the first workshop, all my worries completely disappeared! It was the kind of meeting where managers and trainees can share their own opinions. In that moment I realized that it would be a great occasion to hear native English speakers talking, and to improve my own English speaking skills.
Once I took part in a very interesting workshop, a special workshop held by Dino (the CEO of the company). Dino’s workshops are always about communication, but the topic for this particular one was: “The most original way to apply for a job, and what is your attitude during a job interview”.
Dino opened the workshop by talking about the importance of the CV. He began to list some of the most original ways of delivering CVs, for example: dress up as a delivery man or woman and personally give your CV to the manager, or order a pizza for the manager and attach your CV directly on the box, etc.
Those might be good ideas, however, not all of us agreed with those approaches, because the manager could be peeved by or even ignore those efforts. In order to know our opinion, Dino decided to divide the participants of the workshop into groups according to the nationality, to have an Italian group, a Greek group and the last one consisted of people from other nationalities.
Each group had to come up with different ideas to apply for a job, or ways of delivering their CV to a potential employer. A lot of interesting ideas were conceived. In my opinion, some of the most innovative and interesting ideas were as follows: bring the manager a “pasticcio” (a typical Greek food) as a present and use that occasion to give him the CV; organize a flash mob in front of the enterprise in which you would like to work, meanwhile showing the CV; go to a trade fair or an aperitif being sure to find the person you want to approach, e.g., the manager, and talk about “this and that” (be careful not to sound harassing), and choose the right moment to get to the core: to apply for the job! Try to be in the right place at the right time.
After an animate debate, the focus of the workshop moved to another topic: “what would be the best attitude during a job interview”. Everyone expressed their own opinion about it and we all came to the conclusion: during the interview never answer with a “no”, in order not to create a wall between you and the interviewer. Present yourself as a self-confident and open-minded person, without exceeding either negative nor positive behaviours.
In conclusion I would like to say that these kind of workshops are indeed very useful, because even if you do not agree with the opinion of other people, you have got a great opportunity to share your own thoughts, to join the discussion, and reflect upon the daily topic.

Internship opportunities abroad

Many universities expect their students to do an internship, many want students to go abroad and gain work experience there. Some find this an intimidating proposition, while others go out in to the big world gladly and bravely. An international internship that takes you out of your comfort zone will be a great asset and learning adventure.
When people are choosing a location for an internship abroad, they may have different criteria for the location. In my case, I wanted to do my internship in an English speaking country in order to improve my language skills. After an internet search I found Internship-UK, an internship provider in Kent, England. This seemed like the perfect place for me to do my marketinginternship.
After submitting my application, it only took a few days before I had an interview booked! The application was processed very fast by the recruitment office, and I had my answer within the week. This internship has been very educational for me. Not only have I been able to gain experience in marketing and improve my English, but I have also learnt so much about other cultures! Currently we have interns from all over Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Germany.
An internship can be a good stepping stone to start a career, and will be a welcome boost to your CV. International work experience is highly appreciated among employers, and will be a good way to demonstrate not only language skills, but also adaptation skills.
Finding a suitable internship can be difficult. You might have to apply to dozens of companies before you can even get aninterview (for tips on interview techniques, click here). If you are looking for an internship, Internship-UK offers greatopportunities for students in various fields, such as HR, Marketing, CRM, IT, Translation and Media.

The “Erasmus experience”

For many students, the Erasmus Programme is their first time living and studying abroad.
The Erasmus experience is considered both a time for learning a new language and a chance to socialise with other students from all over the world.
My experience abroad started in September 2011, which was my second year of university. I decided to spend it in the UK so I could improve my English skills and went to the Loughborough University in Leicestershire.
I applied for the Erasmus Programme in June 2011 and had my first English interview with English professors. After completing a gap filling exercise in order to certify my English level and finding out about my acceptance I was really excited.
My decision was to conduct the Erasmus student exchange by myself , so when I first arrived I did not know anybody and I was a little bit scared about it. However, I immediately realized that there were many international students, who were far from their home for the first time just like me, and I started socializing with them.
The Erasmus Programme was initiated by theEuropean Commission 25 years ago in 1987. Close to 3million students have participated since and the number of member countries has grown from 11 to 32.
Nevertheless, a negative aspect of the student exchange programme is that one of five students who participate in an Erasmus exchange is forced to retake courses and exams after failing to be given full credit for studies abroad. In my experience all of my exams were recognized, but as I went to the first exam with my bilingual dictionary, which was very old with some writings inside, the supervisors who checked it thought I wanted to cheat, and they wanted to cancel my exam. Fortunatly I solved the problem proving the writting did not correlate with the subject.
Studying abroad is a good occasion for travelling, taste different cuisines from various origins, try new activities and open your mind to everything different to your everyday life. For me it was an oppportunity to visit London for the first time and I went there five times during my stay. I really enjoyed it and I will never forget the long walks along Oxford Street or the time spent in Picadilly Circus.
My Eramsus Exchange lasted 9 months, and it was the best experience of my life.

Personal and professional benefits

My university requires all students to have a fourteen week work experience in their field of studies for their degrees. Last spring, when the time for me to choose a work placement drew near, I asked my friends where they have done their internships, what kind of jobs they had done. To my horror, most said things like “photocopying, filing, and generally keeping out of the way”. I did not want to do that – more accurately, if I had to do that, I’d wanted to do it abroad and at least improve my language skills, so I applied for an Erasmus.
Internship-UK was one of the first internship providers to reply to my application, I had an interview within the week. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised – New Romney was so small, so cosy! I felt very secure here. Later on I saw that all Kent was a jewel box of beautiful landscapes and historically important sites. This internship did not only benefit my career and improve my CV, but it also opened a window of opportunity to take a closer look at Britain’s culture and history as well as other countries’ through the international team of interns I worked with. Most importantly: Studio-Solutions, the company running the Internship-UK programme, offered me an opportunity to truly try my hands at a job. It was a real work experience. I have worked hard and my work was important. This internship benefited me on a personal and professional level alik

An unforgettable internship experience

My name is Denis, I am 23 and study International Business Administration in Wiesbaden, Germany. Recently I have added a work placement in my CV that I completed at Studio-Solutions in England.
But let’s start at the very beginning.
Due to the regulations of my studies it was mandatory to spend my 7th semester in a company abroad.
In 2008 I had visited London. The country and its people impressed me so much that my aim was to go to England for my internship staying as close as possible to the capital.
I had been looking for internships on the internet for weeks and sent my application to multiple companies, unfortunately most often without any response. When I applied for Internship-UK it only took one day until I got a reply for an interview on sykpe.
Internship-UK is located in New Romney, Kent. The company recruits interns for Studio-Solutions that work in cooperation with a travel agency called Traveltura.
Just a few days after I had successfully completed my interview, I took the opportunity and went to New Romney where I have been volunteering for four months. I even became supervisor of the marketing department with a multi-cultural team from all over the world. This is why this work placement helped me not only to develop leadership qualities, but also taught me to deal with an international team and their different origins.
I also appreciated living in New Romney. On the one hand it is a small town, on the other it has its assets. It is quiet, located pretty close to the ocean, has several supermarkets and a gym that offers a variety of fitness classes so that you never get bored. Furthermore New Romney has a really good public transport system that is connected to the bigger cities like London.
This work experience took away any doubts I had of living or even working abroad. Who knows maybe I will start my career with a job abroad after I have graduated at my university in June 2014.
Nevertheless, after four months I am really looking forward to going home to see my family and my friends again, although I am pretty sure that I will miss a lot of my colleagues. This experience and all the funny and good moments will be kept in my mind forever.

Aiming for your dream job

There are those who have known since childhood what they want to do when they grow up, and then there are those who are still struggling with career choices at the age of 30. Most people fall between those two categories and are able to find a satisfying job for a satisfying salary sooner or later.

But for those striving for their ultimate dream in employment, only the best is good enough. They work hard to graduate with good grades, they make sure that their CV is up to date and well written, they apply to the best companies… And nothing happens.
Every opportunity seems to pass by without even an invitation to the interview. This can be extremely frustrating if your goals are set high and you are eager to prove yourself. What you need is to get some work experience under your belt.

There are many more ways to do this than just applying for part-time work in your field . Work placement is a good choice for those still in college or university. It gives you the opportunity to gain beneficial real life working experience and still attend your classes. You can put your theoretical skills to good use before you graduate!

A very popular choice is doing an internship, which will certainly benefit you in the future. Like a work placement, it will allow you to experience the real challenges and rewards in your future career. And doing an internship will certainly look good on your CV! These are not the only benefits, you will also get to practice social skills with your colleagues and fellow interns. You have the chance to create a professional network that will certainly boost your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

But why not take things a little further? Today, international work experience is appreciated in all fields, so doing an internship abroad will give a good impression of you to your future employers. It will also be a wonderful chance for you to experience life in another culture, to meet other interns from around the world and to hone your skills on your chosen profession. Applying for an international internship can seem like a daunting task, but many places welcome young students and gratuates gladly and give them the opportunity to challenge themselves.

To really achieve your goal, it is necessary to aim a little further and higher, and work a little harder. So do not hesitate, take a look at some of the great international internship opportunities that are available with Internship-UK today.
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Are you a graduate entering the job market looking to set yourself apart from the crowd or an undergraduate student seeking a work experience to complement your education? Contact us at hr(a)

An unforgettable experience

Hello! My name is Eva, I am from Spain and I am 21 years old. If someone asks me “How would you describe your internship in a few words”, I would say an unforgettable adventure!

I was looking forward to doing an internship in the UK in order to add a work experience to my CV and also to improve my English before finishing my studies in Business Administration. I applied through the Internship-UK website and they gave me quickly an appointment for an interview. I passed the interview as well as one of my friends and we both started our internship in the Marketing department of Studio-Solution.

The internship takes place in New Romney, Kent, in the South East of England. New Romney is a really small village near the sea. I was a bit anxious when I arrived on that very Sunday. I saw a boring and empty village! I asked myself “Where for God’s sake am I?” I shared my room with Marta, my friend, and we both though that we were in the wrong place…

But no! We were not! The next day was my first day at work and I met a lot of young and amazing people. The atmosphere in the office is really good: everybody gets on harmoniously and interns maintain a positive mental attitude!

I started working for Traveltura doing Landing Pages, Revenue Management, working with social network and after a few weeks I started with a new project related to accounting. This project enabled us to find out who our main costumers are and which hotels in which cities are the most frequently booked. Everyday we had a workshop with different topics, which is a good way of improving your English speaking and listening skills. I really learned a lot about the booking business and it will be great for my future.

But as I have said before, I met a lot of amazing people, not all was about work experience! You have to know that you will find a family in New Romney, a family made of people from all over the world: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark or people from places I have never thought of like Namibia, the Reunion island or the Martinique island. We lived all together and the event team organized events, parties, BBQs. It is easy to make good friends in a few days!

When I arrived I thought that three months would be a long time to enjoy, to party, to have fun in a little place like New Romney where there aren’t many things to do. Unfortunately, a lot of newly made friends finished their internship contract and left. You will go to the bus stop in front of the office to say goodbye to him or her. But new people will arrive and if the people who left are real friends you will keep in touch with them for sure!

Now that I am leaving I remember the first workshop that I attended where people had to sum up in one word their experience here. I did not think in that moment that it would be so difficult for me to do the same. I cannot use just one word, but I can say that it was a live experience that I will never forget!

translation internship

I wanted something different from my summer this year. I have been studying translation for four years and I felt that I needed some international work experience before I graduate. I decided to apply to England because I thought that would most benefit my career. After successfully completing my internship interview I was given the opportunity to do a translation internship in the UK.

Doing an internship in England has been a real experience for me. I wanted to come here to improve my English skills, since I mainly translate from that language. I also wanted to get a chance to know the local culture. I ended up in New Romney, a small town in Kent. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and the bus connections are very good (and cheap!), so I have had the chance to travel in nearby cities, for example Hastings, Ashford, Folkestone, and Dover.
London is also very close, so I have used the opportunity and visited it twice already.

The working environment is very multicultural, so I have had the opportunity to really do some cross-cultural communication. In the translation department we translate articles into five languages, so the office is a real melting pot of nationalities. In the office we have people from over Europe, also some people with roots outside this continent. Even though the official language at work Is English, this still is a great opportunity to practice other language skills as well.

I have gotten work experience in the translation department in translating, blog publishing, proofreading and team management. I have mainly translated texts for Traveltura, even though the company that we work for in translation is called Most of the texts are related to travelling and are meant for marketing purposes. This gives the translator a good chance to be creative with the language in the translations, since the target texts needs to be fulfil the the original’s purpose. The best thing about working with translators from many countries is that even though you don’t translate to same languages you can still help each other with difficulties we have with the texts.

Going abroad for the summer was an excellent decision. I have gained work and life experience while I have been doing my internship. Work placement in New Romney has certainly been a useful experience that will look great in my CV and help in the future when searching for jobs.

My internship abroad

Did you ever do an internship abroad? It is certainly the best way to improve your language skills. It is the perfect experience to meet people and socialise with them. Discover a foreign language and diversify your habits.

As a student in a business school in Martinique, I was required to do a three month work placement, which is mandatory before graduation. The principal objective of this internship is to improve my level of English to obtain the TOEIC, an important certification for working in a foreign country.

At the beginning I was expecting to work in a company which manages football players’ contracts. Unfortunately, I noticed quickly that this sector was quite closed. My passion for the English language and for Europe made me adamant to find a company in the United Kingdom. I applied for different organisations. Some forums didn’t recommend placement through programs which made me a bit insecure. In addition, due to time difference between UK and the Caribbean where I live, it was not easy to get appointments for interviews.

Eventually, I had two interviews and I noticed that it was difficult to start speaking only in English, but the interviewer was really kind and understanding.

Since the 20th of May, I have been in New Romney. It is a town situated in Kent, a county in South East England, and I’m enjoying this experience more and more. From the first moment that I arrived, the other interns helped me to integrate into the group. In fact, Internship-UK proposes placement for students from all over the world. And it’s a great experience since you experience different cultures from countries like Spain, England, Germany and Italy.

Moreover, the cohesion of the group is improved by the many activities that the event management team organises. For example, every month we have a delicious barbecue near the beach. These kind of parties allow us to share the languages and customs of our respective countries.

The students work for a company called Studio-Solutions that works in cooperation with Traveltura which provides a platform for booking hotels and hostels.

Internship-UK provides good accommodations for the students. All the food is included in the costs for accommodation, and everyday we have the chance to experience new tasty meals that are prepared by a group of interns. I discovered several exciting flavours thanks to this good idea.

I think that this work experience is one of the best opportunities of my life as I met interesting people, I opened my mind for new cultures and experiences and this work placement represents a great benefit for me.

Moreover, this placement will surely help me to improve my CV and to apply for international jobs. During my three months that I worked for Studio-Solutions, I acquired and developed a lot of new skills. I worked and lived with a multinational team. This helped me to improve my English and my Spanish. I am quite sure that this internship experience abroad will help me in my future career.

Internships in General

My name is Priyanka Rauniyar. I am 21 Years. I am studying International Business and Management Studies. To complete my second year of my study, I am now doing an internship in New Romney, UK. This is my first internship. I have never done any internship before this one.

The term internship is very broad. For me Important topics related to internship are the place of internship, the job responsibilities, the experience that you will go through this internship, the challenges you will face and how you will be able to overcome them and what at the end the overall impressions is of the internship you have done for a certain period of time.

The first day of an internship you learn the basics, afterwards you learn more and more and get more responsibilities. It is about a working experience in a special field in a company that you chose to work at. You go for an internship to improve your skills and to learn as much as possible from everyone and especially from your higher level managers. An internship is about office settings, working tools, working hours, interactions with other groups and activities.

Every company has their own rules about internships. The Internships can be paid, unpaid or for credit.