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A unique professional and human experience

I am Zakiya, a twenty year-old French student. Currently, I am preparing a BTS (Higher Technician degree) with a specialization as Assistant Manager. My studies require a five-week experience in an international context in order to validate my academic year. During this internship, I hope to make a rewarding professional experience but also to discover other cultures, landscapes and lifestyles. I think my internship in England can be divided into two, but complementary parts: professional and human experience.
Let us start with the professional part of this experience. I am doing my internship in the Marketing department and the first step when I arrived to the company was to do quizzes. Indeed, five questionnaires composed of a hundred questions each (Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Food Hygiene & Catering and Health & Safety) were submitted to us and we had to get a certain percentage of success (e.g. 95%). Once this first step was done, the work began and consisted mainly in updating and managing Landing Pages and social networks to promote the company we are working for, because these are our main marketing tools in the department. At the end of each day, from 5 to 6 pm, there is a “Workshop” . It is an interactive time where various topics are discussed in the meeting room. It is a moment during which we learn from each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The human part of this life episode started when I arrived in New Romney, a small town in Kent with typical British charm, located next to the sea. I did not expect to live a rewarding experience so quickly. People here are friendly, kind and caring and they make you feel like at home immediately. So the lack of family, friends and relatives is not so important. I feel very lucky to be here and to work for, especially with the most wonderful colleagues. People who live and work here come from all corners of Europe: France , Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland … I think this cultural mix is the best asset of the company.
To conclude, I had already done internships in companies before, but those were different. I have never experienced a professional atmosphere like it is here where you can even practice your English skills. After all, I will come back to France with unforgettable memories and friends.

A rewarding experience

As soon as I found out that my school was giving the opportunity for the students of my degree to do an internship in a foreign country, I was very excited and I immediately decided that I wanted to go to England for that experience. Afterwards, when I started looking for a company on my own, it was quite difficult because I did not know where to start. I was even thinking about staying in France for the internship.
Then, I found Internship-UK and I applied for it. They sent me an email with an invitation for an interview, and I can tell you that when the phone rang that Wednesday evening, I was the most stressed person of the world. I do not even remember how many times I have asked the interviewer to repeat his question because either I could not hear him clearly or because I did not understand it. I was sure that I had failed, but when I received the email of acceptance one week later, I was very surprised and happy.
When the first step was done, I thought that everything would be easier but I was wrong, because at that moment my school started to ask me for administrative paper; and it was extremely complicated, mainly with the placement agreement. The week before going to England, I still did not have it and my school pressurized me for getting it as soon as possible before leaving. At that point, the pressure they were applying on me made me regret my decision to go to England for my internship. I finally got my internship contract signed, so that everything was fine. When I had to find my internship and organize my trip, I learned how to do everything by myself.
Since last week, I am in England and I do not regret my choice any more, because the people are fantastic, they make you feel that you can ask them for help if you have any problem. I can tell you that this experience will be rewarding because I have to learn how to live with people from different countries and with different cultures, which makes me practising my English skills. This experience is enriching in a professional and personal way.

Rediscovery of myself and awareness of my knowledge

Last summer, I applied for an internship in the Marketing department in a company called Studio-Solution. After the interview and a lot of paperwork for my university, I finally took a plane to the UK on 20th of September and the next day, I started one of the best experiences in my life.
The beginning was pretty hard: there were a lot of new faces, many different cultures, many different tasks at work and several languages. I was a little bit scared! But after three or four hours I realized that everyone in the office, not only the managers but also many of my new colleagues, were ready to help and support me in every situation. They explained me carefully all of my new tasks and they were very patient doing that. I remember well, in the beginning it was very difficult for me to get used to this totally different English environment, but after one month, everything became much easier for me. I found some friendly people who became close friends, I understood my role in the company and after that, I could finally express myself in a foreign language. I felt much more confident speaking English with other people. For that reason, I became able to participate actively in a working life.
In the beginning, 93 days seemed too long to me, but now I have only four days left and I would do everything to extend my experience here. I found Studio-Solution as my second home. During my stay here I learned a lot. One of the most important things I learnt was how to share my point of view with my colleagues, how to respect the other’s ideas and how to motivate not only myself but also my co-workers. I have also found out that team work is essential for reaching the common goals as well. As much important it is to have a theoretical knowledge and ability to use the work tools, it is also necessary to understand the work process and build a positive relationship with colleagues. Now I have to go back to Italy, to my beloved home country. I have to pass my last exams and finish my master’s thesis. I am sad to leave this lovely place, but thanks to this experience I am really motivated to put in practice all the knowledge I gained in the past three months. I chose to do an internship in the marketing department exactly because it is linked to my work experience, as well as to the theoretical knowledge I gained at university. I am glad that I have the opportunity to write something nice about my life in New Romney and about my personal experience!
I have never imagined that this experience would make me feel like this. Before I came here I was sure that I knew almost everything about my field of study after five years of studying. But after three months of internship at Ltd. I discovered so many different aspects of my character, strengths and weaknesses, and I improved many of my personal skills and I could challenge myself. I am sure that I will remember this experience and all the people that I have met here till the end of my life. It was a great lesson to understand that there is always something new to discover and learn!

A set of micro system creates a macro system

Several reasons drove me under the decision to spend some months in New Romney, mostly are personal and partly of them could be shared with other students doing an internship. First of all, working abroad is, now more than ever, a challenge to deal with our current dynamic markets and it is also a possibility to grow. Thus, the more you travel and the more you can feed your soul to become the person you want to become.
Unfortunately most of the south European students are plastered on their own family house and they are paralysed by the idea of living abroad. People accustomed to live in their native country do not understand the importance of experiencing the dissimilarities between themselves and others and how it helps to develop themselves further to reach the next stage in life.
From my previous experiences I noticed and learnt how a micro system can perfectly represent the macro system of a country. Let me explain with some examples: a well organized education system is more likely in a developed country with a powerful economic cycle. Otherwise, if you are working in a company where everything is chaotic with a noticeable lack of organization, the survival chances for the company itself with this tactic are really poor and it is probably located in a region undergoing a crisis. The underlining point, here, is the importance of the organization, marking that what is well structured on the outside is also well organized on the inside. For example, if you are confused, you should do things like tiding your room because cleaning the place is also like cleaning your mind and therefore, you will not be confused any more.
The link between the micro and the macro world made me look for an internship with a good organisation and with the possibility of free communication. Therefore, here, each of us takes part by behaving in a civilized manner and doing it in a negative way is usually not well received, so that our surrounding world improves day by day.
Moreover Studio-Solution deals with web marketing and SEO, what is of high importance on the market.
Indeed, the computer industry is certainly among those with the most continuous and fast development. A good level of professionalism in this field is particularly popular in countries like the United-States and Canada , but Europe also offers nowadays more job opportunities in this sector.
In conclusion, I can honestly say that Studio-Solution is the right place to work without taking advantage of the others weaknesses or ignoring other colleagues : the world belongs to everyone and if everyone behaves in such a way, it will not create a vicious circle of bad living coexistence but a positive one. Behaving in a civilized manner, respectful, without anxiety and nervousness, with no delusions of oppression against your neighbour, but smiling with a collaborative spirit. Remembering that, as I mentioned before with different words, every single action we do contributes to make our world – in which we live every day- worse or better.

A typical working day !

When you work at Studio-Solution, you have a typical daily routine. First of all, you have to do breakfast to work efficiently the whole day. Then you go to work. At midday, you have lunch with other interns and share a good time with them. One hour later, you go to work again until 5.00 pm. Then you have “the workshop”, do you know what this is ?
If you do not know what a workshop is, many questions may cross your mind. What is it? Who may participate ? What is the aim? Is it an interesting moment or not? I will begin with a general definition. So, a workshop is an interactive meeting with one or several topics. We can say that this is an exchange of opinions between people. Now, I would like to define it like we do it here: it is a time where all interns gather together and speak about a subject introduced by one of our managers. They share their different opinions. This is a time to exchange, discuss and learn several things. A workshop takes place every day, from Monday to Friday, between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Everyone working for the company is allowed and desired to participate.
January, 8th 2014, we had a workshop called “I predict…”. We spoke at the beginning about an ancient article published in the newspaper “Sun”.  It had been written by a man who describes, with his perception, how the world will be in 2014. Afterwards, we had a discussion with interns to describe our feelings about this article or just to say what we were thinking about it. Then we spoke about our “good resolutions” for 2014, and we learnt that to take them is not a tradition in all countries. People told us that it is rather personal. Finally, we read horoscopes in another newspaper.
So, we can note that the aims of a workshop are : improve your English, discover other cultures, learn something new and build a good relationship between interns. You may be wondering what the workshop brings to me? I think it is a good possibility to open your mind and discover more about the people who work and live with you. Moreover it is a good way to extend your cultural knowledge.
Thus, we can conclude that this moment is important and we have a good time with people. So, even if you are shy, exceed your timidity, enjoy the workshop and learn something new.

My life abroad

Before I came to England, everybody told me that it is always raining here and that it gets really cold in the winter. I remember that I took a very warm coat, some gloves and a bunch of scarves with me in my suitcase, but I am here now for more than three months and I still have not experienced the real cold winter that everybody warned me for. Actually, in my own country it is much colder now, while in the meantime, I am not even wearing my scarf! Yes, the weather here can be really bad, it can rain and it can be very windy, especially near the sea, but I think that every country has this kind of weather sometimes. So, I want to ban those negative thoughts about England for once and for all, because there are a lot of things to love about this beautiful country.
One thing that I really enjoy here, is the sea. Every night before I fall asleep, I listen to the waves rolling into the shore and that is very relaxing. In the morning I wake up, look out of my window and see the most beautiful sunrise you can ever imagine; I will never get used to this. I am always taking a thousand pictures of the sea, because each time it looks different. Sometimes it looks like an artist painted the sky in all his favourite colours, just to make everybody happy, it is very inspiring. The view from my house is great; when it is not cloudy you can even see the White Cliffs of Dover and in the night there are a billion little stars shining in the sky. In the city you can never see the stars, because of the lights and all the fog from the cars and so on, here in New Romney, you do not have that problem and I really love that! I can look at the sky for hours. The poem “The Old Astronomer to His Pupil” by Sarah Williams now makes perfectly sense to me: ”I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
I really like shopping a lot, all my friends know this and for that reason I also like to go on trips. There are some really nice places here to visit, for example Folkestone: There are many shops and nice cafés and you can have a long walk along the beach and watch the sunset, which is amazing, but there is also the availability to go to a fancy restaurant and eat really great food for not much money at all. Dover is also a nice place to go to, especially when you love the nature. The White Cliffs are really beautiful, walking there gave me the incredible feeling of immense freedom and happiness, and is not that what we are all looking for?
I still have two months to spend in England and I just feel so lucky to be here and to experience this different culture, meet new people and enjoy all the things that England has to offer me. I can surely recommend everybody to go abroad for once in their lives, because it is an experience you will never forget and you really get to know yourself much better. I am a different person than before I came here, I know better what I want and what I do not want in my life, and I have learned how to enjoy the simple things like a sunset, which can make any human being so incredibly happy.

Insights into a company and building new friendships

Hi! My name is Marta, I am 22 years old and I am Spanish, from a south-eastern city named Murcia. I am about to start my last year at University (I am studying Law and Business Administration in my city) after having spent the summer working as an intern in the marketing department of “Traveltura”.
Nowadays, work experience and language skills are really important to get your “dream job”, and we have to try to stand out from other people who have the same goals. Therefore, I decided to apply for the Erasmus Internship grant, which gives you the chance to spend three months abroad without missing classes at university.
This summer, I have not only gained work experience and better English skills, but also shared great moments with others and made unforgettable friends in England, at the best work placement in Kent.
Since the first week I have been in charge of different projects related to marketing and sometimes even to other departments such as accounting or media. These projects allowed me to gain an insight into the company’s performance. The project I liked best was related to accounting. We classified all weekly payments once a month. This enabled us to figure out when we had more or less income. We could then analyse the effects that marketing had on different projects. During my internship, I learned a lot about working in a real company which makes my CV more attractive for future employers. I am sure that this experience will increase my chances to get a good job. Working in a company for three months without having finished the studies yet is a unique opportunity that cannot be experienced by every student.
At the end of each day, we had a workshop, a meeting for all interns to talk about different topics. It is a good chance to get to know each other better and to learn about our attitudes and ways of thinking. When new interns arrive, we prepare a “Welcome Party”, in which they introduce themselves. This makes them feel more comfortable with everybody. When we leave, we have a “Thank you Party”, a very emotional moment when we share our best memories of the internship. I have already attended some “Thank you Parties”, and this is the moment when you realize what a great time you spent in New Romney.
But this internship is not only about working, as you build very strong friendships that will last forever. You learn how to live together with people from around the world in the same house and get an idea of foreign cultures. I can now cook dishes from more than six countries! In the end, you will notice that even if you don’t speak the same language, you have lots of things in common with someone else from another part of the world. We are all very open-minded and respectful, and if someone is not, s/he will have to change his/her mind; here you have to adapt to the fact that we are all different and this is something that will help you in your future job.

My internship in New Romney

My name is Monika and I come from Poland. I studied International Economic Relations. After my graduation I received an opportunity to do an internship abroad. I wanted to do my internship in an English-speaking country in order to improve my English and gain valuable work experience. I applied for an internship in the marketing department of Ltd. and was accepted. This particular company offers internships for students and graduates in the Marketing, HR, CRM, Translation, IT and Media department.
The office is located in New Romney, Kent. It is a lovely small town right next to the sea. The town offers all basic facilities such as supermarkets, a health centre, a sports centre, hairdressers and pubs.
My tasks in the marketing department include updating and maintaining landing pages of companies and using Social Media as a marketing tool. I live in a house together with other interns whom I work with during my internship in New Romney.
The house is situated next to the sea. It is great to observe the sunrise over the sea on my way to work. Interns can spend time together even after work and the house provides a few facilities like a pool table and TVs.
Acquiring communication skills is a significant part of the internship and the daily workshops serve this purpose. During the workshops, I can discuss different topics with my colleagues, exchange opinions and ideas and learn more about different cultures and their ways of thinking.
During weekends I have the opportunity to travel around Kent and visit a lot of interesting places like Canterbury, Folkstone, Eastbourne and London.
This internship has also given me a chance to get to know myself better and meet many interesting people from European countries. Thanks to this internship I will improve not only my language, but also my adaptation skills. This internship will definitely contribute a plus to my CV.

Internship UK to improve my English and work skills!

I am an Italian girl and I have just started my first real work experience abroad with Internship-UK in New Romney. This summer I was considering doing an internship in October and I really wanted to go abroad. I did not know where to go, but I also knew that I would not have time to complete an Erasmus placement that lasts six months. I had a look in my university’s company list and I saw there was the possibility to carry out an internship with Internship-UK for a short period and in the marketing department which is my field of study.
I decided to apply for an internship in New Romney. In August, I had my interview. It was my first job interview in English, and I was accepted for two months.
I have already had an experience abroad, in the UK, for nine months, so the distance from home was not a problem for me and I was really happy to be given the opportunity to go abroad.
The most difficult part was to leave my routine, my university life, my friends and my family, but most of all my boyfriend and go to a place I had never been before with people I had never met before.
Now, that I am finally here I could not be more happy about my decision to accept the offer of an internship in the UK. I can without hesitating say that all of the people I have met here are really nice and they are here to improve their English as much as I am. I was worried about my ability to communicate in English, as I am not confortable when speaking with many people in a different language, but with the workshops and the social life here I am sure I will improve my English and never forget this experience.

More than just work experience

Internship-UK offers internships with Ltd. in the IT, Media, Marketing, CRM, Translation or Recruitment department. The head office is located in a small market town in south-east England called New Romney. It is the perfect place to get work experience and boost your CV. There are many opportunities to develop professionally and personally on an internship with this company.
You might think that it is only work experience you will gain, but it is so much more! Studio-Solutions is full of interns around the same age from all around the world such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Denmark and even Namibia. All interns work together every day, learn from each other and about their different cultures. Interns live in shared accommodations close to the head office so that they are together most of the time. This means that interns not only gain work experience but also build friendships for life. When you are going abroad it can be really frightening as you are leaving your family, friends, country and habits. When you come to New Romney you will quickly notice that everyone is open and friendly, as everyone has left their homes and families as well.
You do everything together, you work, you cook, you watch movies, you party. You will never feel alone in New Romney. You will also get the chance to visit a lot of places together with other interns so that you will have fun and enjoy the weekends. Other interns will always be there for you when you need help, are homesick or have a problem.The support you get from people here is incredible. You should not be worried about going aboard, in New Romney you will gain lots of fantastic friends and a new family. The worst part of this internship is when you have to say goodbye to the interns that are leaving as well as when your internship comes to an end. It is important to remember that it is not a goodbye, but a ‘see you later’. When you have made friends from all around the world, you will have the best reason to go travelling in order to visit them.
This internship is an amazing experience which allows you to meet fantastic people and share many great moments. You will gain work experience, but also life experience.