Better intern with a small or a large company?

When you come to the decision to do an internship, you have several possibilities. But one of the most important questions is whether you will be going to a small or a large company. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the size of a company.

The first thing to say is that large companies are large for a reason. They were built up a long time ago, have a central position on the market and represent success, not only because of their size of enterprise. But often there is an established way of doing things, too. So on the one hand you cannot work freely or creatively. You have to be a cogwheel in the huge machine and must operate. But on the other hand this is what gives you a feeling of stability. Feeling safe and stable can be a form of motivation, too.
Speaking of motivation, when you did an internship in a large company it is nice to write on your CV. Some companies think that practical experience is more important than your marks. That is why they first look at your CV and not at your certificate.
Another advantage of a big company is that if you are not sure in which department you are interested, you can have a look at different departments of the company. Mostly the companies have experience with interns. Then they will offer a special schedule for interns. Nevertheless, it can happen that you end up making coffee and copying documents because nobody feels really responsible for you.

And here is the difference between an internship in a small and a large company. It is nearly impossible to learn nothing in a small company.
In a little company you will get to know the people more easily or at least get to know every employee, which is impossible in a company with hundreds or thousands of people. It is a completely different spirit to work for a company where everybody knows each other and calls you a friend. You will feel like having a second family, which you can ask for advice.
Moreover, the company can extend after you left them, especially when it is a start-up company. Then you killed two birds with one stone. You have the name of the company on your CV and learned a lot.

But you have to remember that there is no right or wrong answer to this question and it will widely depend on what you hope to accomplish and what your preferred way of working is.

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  1. John Weasley says:

    This article about internship in small and large company really helped me in weigh the pros and the cons.

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