Accounting Internship in Greece

Hello, my name is Niki I am 25 and I come from Greece. Recently I fulfiled my studies in Business Administration and I decided to have an Internship abroad. But before that I had my first experience as an Intern in a Greek company for 3 months. I worked at the Accounting office of a group company with main activities at the sector of cement.

In a professional basis an Internship is a really good opportunity to gain some practical knowledge on the field that we have spent several years of studying and research. It is completely different to read about Economics and actually see how everything is applied in order to achieve goals. Especially in business related studies it is essential to have working experience at the same time with your University studies. So an Internship is the best way to be part of a company and try to understand and embrace the whole philosophy behind it’s function.

In a personal basis an internship can help you to evolve your skills, understand your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work as a member of a team. After a while you understand that you need to stop thinking only as an individual but also setting as high priority the well being of you and your colleagues as part of the company’s team. Through an Internship it is offered you the chance to learn more about yourself and your possibilities before you decide which field is more suitable for you.

In my opinion these kind of programs must be part of the studies in every University. Only by gaining experience in a real working environment you can be absolutely sure that the studies that you decided to follow after high school are the ideal for you. An Internship can be the intermediate level also between your Bachelor and your Master. In order to specialize your knowledge in a certain department you need first to discover what the market demands at the moment and what can help you diverse from all the others.

To summarise I consider the Internships to be absolutely necessary especially now that the competition is getting higher and higher while the most of the young people are searching for opportunities all around the world.


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  1. Chloe says:

    Where did you do your internship in Greece? I am an American student who has visited Greece and would love to do my major internship there. I am an Accounting student and am trying to see how difficult it would be to find the right company to work with. I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience. Thank you!

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