10 things to do before going to England

Doing an internship in England is a very enriching experience for all of us on both the professional and human sides. Though, this could quickly become complicated if we don’t prepare well previously. Indeed, going abroad for several months is not something that can be improvised, a certain preparation to avoid several and annoying inconveniences is required. Preparing a list of all of the necessary things to do before your departure will help you preparing more serenely. Although, for this, you must do the following tasks :

The European Health Insurance Health Card is the essential tool to get. For this, you have to call or to go to your Health Insurance centre, or to order it on Internet. The period before receiving the card is about ten days long. It is an individual and free card, valid for one year.

Remember to bring with you your health book and let it in your luggages in case of allergies (There is no mandatory vaccine).

999 : it is the phone number in case of emergency (you have to precise the unit you want to talk to : Police, ambulance or firemen).

Administrative formalities:
An ID or valid passport is mandatory to get into the English territory.
If you come by ferry or by the tunnel under the English Channel with your car, don’t forget to bring your driving licence, the vehicle documentation as well as your Certificate of Automobile Insurance.
For foreign people outside European Union, a visa application has to be made to the British Consulate.

Student card:
The ISIC card allows you to prove a student status worldwide, and to get all of the advantages, services, discounts in terms of public transports, accommodations, culture, hobbies, shopping, and so on…
More infos on : www.isic.org

An internship has a certain price that is not affordable for everybody. By having the student status, you can benefit from different scholarships. You should though get all of the informations as soon as possible, as it often takes some time. There are :
Erasmus scholarship
Scholarship based on social criteria
Leonardo Da Vinci scholarship
Mobility grants of local authorities

More infos on : http://www.stage-uk.com/financer-son-stage.php

The pound Sterling is a currency used only in United-Kingdom. It is also recommended to get some informations from your bank to know if you will not be charged regarding exchange rates while withdrawing or paying with you card. You can get a special card in your bank. The cost of the new card depends only to your bank (Remember also to change some Euros before).

The preparation of a departure to an internship should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid a too strong prices increase. You can use several transports to get into England (Ferry, tunnel under the English Channel, planes). At your arrival on the British ground, it could be wise to get a cab.

It is important to pack your suitcase around one week before your departure. In this way if you forget something you have a safety margin. Do not do everything at the last minute to avoid an excess of stress.

For your stay, bring pull-over and rain clothes, whatever the season it is. The umbrella is necessary, as a shower can occur quickly.

Conversation guide:
This is always useful in times of need, and will let you totally enjoy your holiday.

Good bye:
It is the departure day, but also the time to say goodbye to all of the close people. But don’t forget, it is just a good bye !

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